If it has anything to do with skiing or snowboarding? WE DO IT!

Here's just a sample of what we do (if what you need is not in the list? We still do it! Just give us a call).

Ski & Board Service

Minor Tune
  • Diamond stone base grind
  • Ceramic disc edge sharpen
  • Infrared hot wax
Major Tune
  • Minor base repair
  • Diamond stone base grind
  • Ceramic disc edge sharpen
  • Infrared hot wax

Base repair (base weld)$10/inch
Major base repair or replacementQuote
Edge repairQuote

Ski & Board Bindings

Binding mount or remount
  • Ski system or snowboard
  • Ski flat mount
  • Ski or snowboard binding adjustment
Binding or brake repairQuote

Boot Fitting & Repair

Professional fitting
  • Initial consultation
  • Fitting fee (parts extra)
  • Shaping (punching)
  • Grinding
$19.99 per
$29.99 per
Buckle repair/replaceQuote
Custom foot beds$59.99 to $189.99
Custom boot liners (including molding)$249.99
Heat molding$19.99

Other Services

Skin cutting (back country)$49.99
Pole basket replacementQuote

When is it time to tune?

If you want to slide faster and more safely, you need to tune your  equipment on a regular basis. The frequency you need tune your bases and edges depends on how often you get out. Several quick tune-ups per season is normal for the average rider. The best way to determine if a tune-up is required is to examine the base and edges of your skis/snowboard.

Look for:

  • Small gouges or marks in the bases
  • Nicks or burrs on the edges from hitting rocks or debris
  • Edges that feel dull, scrape your thumb nail across the edge
  • Your skis simply feel sluggish
  • Does your base appear to be dried out? Wax does have a limited life; you need to wax your gear at the beginning of each season even if you only ski once or twice a year. Wax will dry out over the summer.
    • Avoid this with the

      Sundance summer wax program

    • For just the price of a major tune up, you can bring in your gear at the end of your season and we'll give your skis/board a major tune up and put some soft summer wax on them to keep the bases moist and happy. Bring your gear back in the fall or when the season starts up and we'll strip off the summer wax and put on a fresh coat of wax at no charge. Your gear will love you back on your first trip of the season!

Boot fitting?

Why should I get my boots fitted or purchase boots from a Sundance professional boot fitter? The list is long, but includes:
  • We really care! We're so passionate about boot fitting that we provide free boot fitting services with every boot purchased at Sundance. We guarantee the fit for as long as you own the boot. If there is anything that feels 'off' about your boots, all you have to do is bring them in and we'll take care of it at no charge (other than parts if that's required).
  • Do you want comfortable ski or snowboard boots? Yep, we said comfort in the same sentence as ski or snowboard boots. It's all about choosing the right boot, the right fit and a little, or a lot, of tweaking by our pros. It doesn't matter what's going on with your foot; we can custom fit your boots to your feet.
  • Do you want more performance out of your boots? We have quite a few tricks up our sleeve to tune your boots up a bit.
  • Do you want to keep your feet WARMER? A great fitting boot, and sock will help to keep your blood circulating and if this doesn't keep you warm enough, we have battery powered heaters.

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